After graduating from Kent Institute of Art and Design with a degree in Ceramics, I have set up my studio in Tunbridge Wells.  I now sell my sculpture throughout the Uk and also New York, where my sculpture has featured in Elle Decor, O Magazine, Domino Mgazine, Brides Magazine and the New York Times.


Inspired by nature I have created many collections of sculpture. I am intrigued by process, believing that sometimes the mistakes and errors we make along the way are as important, if not more important than the end result.  They are part of a process and without the journey there would be no destination.


My recent ceramic work is a collection of 'miniature disasters," ceramic vessels thrown out of porcelain or black stoneware clay until control is lost and "imperfections" created.  I aim to highlight the importance of process and mistakes, creating ceramic sculptures with an element of freedom, fragility and intensity, capturing moments lost. A celebration of flaws and errors resulting in what I consider to be truly beautiful sculpture.

I also undertake clay and ceramic sculpture workshops for schools and produce sculpture to commission. Please contact me for further information.